Ronin Tree Care improves soil quality for optimum tree health in urban areas through soil amendments and organic tree fertilization. Trees growing in forests evolved with high quality soil teaming with life both loosening the soil and breaking down leaf litter and other organic material making the soil fertile. The soil fertility found in urban areas is usually low in fertility, high in compaction and low in organic matter.

Picking up leaves off your lawn results in unintentionally taking away one of the organic resources for tree fertilization. We restore this recycling method with our soil amendment process.

Tree Fertilization for Urban Environments

Trees thrive on rich forest soil, but are deprived of a supply of organic fertilizer when planted in a lawn and any fallen leaves or organic matter is removed that can be a potential source of nutrients. This absence of natural tree fertilization and highly packed soil causes problems for our urban trees.

Ronin Tree Care’s soil amendments assist in mitigating the issues caused by eliminating nutrient resources. We loosen soil in radial trenches around trees and add organic fertilizer to critical root areas to produce a healthy environment for root growth. Amending the soil improves tree vitality by creating the conditions for root system development and expansion.

Organic Fertilizer

Soil amendments provide a nourishing environment for roots and need to be blended into soil thoroughly to work. Simply burying the material causes it to lose effectiveness and impedes root growth and movement of water and air. Adding organic fertilizer to the soil surrounding a tree boosts the health of the soil helping the tree to thrive.

Soil amendments combined with organic fertilizers increase the nutrient content, which produces many benefits, which in the end improve fertility. In addition, organic matter is a central energy source for things living in the soil, like earthworms, bacteria, and fungi, which work together with trees to promote the health of each other.