We know how unnerving and upsetting it is when your cat climbs a tree and will not or cannot come down. They may have been chased by a dog or wild animal or were hunting a bird’s nest and just got too high.

At Ronin Tree Care we have the specialized equipment and expertise to safely bring your cat or other animal down to earth. In the event that your cat is stuck on a telephone pole or other utility pole, you must call the utility company.  It’s both too dangerous and illegal for anyone except the utility company to deal with these situations.

You can try setting food at the base of the tree to lure your cat down, but make sure nothing else is frightening it. If your cat appears unable or unwilling to come down by itself, please call us immediately. Don’t wait more than a day or two. You don’t want your cat to get too tired or hungry or dehydrated. Costs range from $100 – $175

The Truth about fire departments –

Most fire departments do not rescue cats out of trees, their mission is to respond to civil emergencies and they can’t be rescuing an animal when a human emergency requires their immediate attention. Also, their ladder trucks are made to rescue people from buildings and won’t always reach the tree you need. An experienced tree climber with the proper equipment is required to bring your cat down safely.  At Ronin Tree Care we are proud to offer a service to safely recover your furry family members, day or night.