An arborist report is a technical evaluation of a tree’s condition.

Often arborist reports are a requirement before commencement of real estate development or construction.

Arborist reports can also be requested by homeowners who need an evaluation of a tree on their property for health or hazard.

Arborist reports are typically required before obtaining a permit for tree removal

At Ronin Tree Care we identify tree species, size and condition in these reports. The condition of a tree is evaluated on a structural and overall-health platform. The tree is evaluated for any potential hazards.  These “Hazard Assessment Reports” evaluate the overall structure of the tree, including the limbs, trunk and roots to determine any defects or future problems that are likely to occur.

Recommendations are typically made to increase tree health and eliminate potential hazards. On occasion, tree removal is recommended because of the hazard associated with the degree of defect, the size of the affected portion of the tree and the location of the tree.